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Michael Rosenberg Named President of Atlanta-Based Paran Homes

Categories: Atlanta, Nashville, Raleigh | Posted: February 10, 2017

Southeast Home Builder Adds Seasoned Industry Veteran to Leadership Team;

Company Poised for Growth in 2017

Duluth, GA, February 9, 2017 – In December 2016, Southeast home builder – Paran Homes – added Michael Rosenberg to its leadership team as company president. In his new role, Rosenberg will be expected to manage the day-to-day operations of the Georgia-based company, which boasts more than 20 current and coming soon communities in Metro Atlanta, as well as Raleigh, NC, and Nashville, TN. Rosenberg brings with him more than 20 years in the real estate and residential construction industry.

Rosenberg’s impressive resume includes builders such as Ashton Woods – where he served as Director of Sales & Marketing, Winmark Homes – as VP of Sales & Marketing, Rocklyn Homes – which he helped launch as Senior VP, and Acadia Homes – as Vice President of Operations and Chief Operations Officer. When Acadia Homes was acquired by national homebuilder, Taylor Morrison, in early 2016, he took on the role of their Atlanta Division President. His award-winning history includes a J.D. Power Award for Customer Satisfaction, a slew of OBIE Awards from the Sales & Marketing Council of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and a “Nationals” Award for Best Design Center from the National Association of Home Builders, as well as several awards for customer service excellence from GuildQuality and 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty®.

“When I first met with Paran Homes’ CEO, Whit Marshall, it was clear that we are on the same page regarding what a home builder should be and how best to serve home buyers in the Southeast,” explained Rosenberg. “Joining the Paran team presents me with a unique opportunity to help take this company to the next level. In addition to the fact that prospects abound for growth in Atlanta’s hot housing market, I’m excited to be involved with two other healthy Southern markets – Raleigh and Nashville.”

Rosenberg believes his years of experience with a variety of organizations – from small local builders to national brands – paired with his ability to evaluate what works and what doesn’t will make him an asset to Paran. He feels that his knowledge from the years surrounding the economic downturn of 2008 will also prove invaluable, as he learned how to look at every dollar and run a lean, but effective team when necessary. In his capacity as President of Paran Homes, Rosenberg hopes to grow the company’s sense of “team” for a more unified organization in order to elevate the level of professionalism and customer satisfaction to new heights.

“With so much consolidation in this market and the industry as a whole, it’s rewarding to work with a small regional home builder,” said Rosenberg. “We can make key decisions at the local level and move forward at a more rapid pace. I have no doubt that 2017 will hold amazing things for this company. We cross over a variety of price points, areas and markets, so we have a great opportunity to really make our mark in the South.”

Rosenberg and his team will be busy. Three new communities are planned for the first quarter of 2017 alone, with three more projected throughout the remainder of the year – two of which mark exciting active adult concepts.

“We are very proud to add a leader of Michael’s caliber to our team,” said Whit Marshall, CEO of Paran Homes. “Not only does he share our vision of pairing value with craftsmanship and customer service excellence, he has a proven track record of taking young homebuilding companies to the next level. We know where we want to go, and he knows how to help us get there. He’s joining us at an exciting and promising time of growth for our company. The future looks bright for Paran Homes and – most importantly – for our homeowners and future homebuyers.”


About Paran Homes:  Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Metro Atlanta, Paran Homes boasts beautifully crafted homes and imaginative communities in some of the Southeast’s hottest housing markets. With a presence throughout Metro Atlanta, as well as Raleigh, NC and Nashville, TN, Paran Homes seeks to build houses of uncompromised quality while delivering a stellar customer service experience – from the first community visit to closing. To match the needs and wishes of today’s home buyers, the placement of Paran Homes communities is based on access to great schools, major thoroughfares/interstates, local shopping, dining, and entertainment. Beyond the allure of its homes and community locations, many Paran neighborhoods feature resort-like amenities including pools, walking trails, and clubhouses. To learn more about Paran Homes, view available homes and discover current communities throughout the Southeast, visit www.paranhomes.com.



7 Things Every Homeowner Should Know

Categories: Atlanta, Nashville, Raleigh | Posted: January 25, 2017



7 Things Every Homeowner Should Know How to Do

Not Everyone is Handy Around the House, but These are Important Skills!

Owning a home can be a dream come true, especially for new buyers who are just settling in. At the same time, being a homeowner comes with huge responsibilities related to maintenance and upkeep. To avoid costly repairs and improve energy efficiency, learn some essential tips for every seasoned and inexperienced homeowner.

  1. Fix a Running Toilet: When toilets run nonstop, water bills skyrocket. Lift the top of the tank and check the flush valve assembly. Try re-positioning it to see if this solves your problem. If you have no luck, you may need to visit the hardware store to buy a new assembly.
  1. Unclog Drains: Harsh chemicals shouldn’t be your first choice. Start by plunging the drain. If this doesn’t work, you can snake the drain with a hanger. After you’ve removed the clog, clean out remaining gunk by pouring a cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by four cups of boiling water. Finish by pouring in a cup of vinegar to create a chemical reaction that will jar remaining debris loose.
  1. Manipulating your Thermostat: The U.S. Department of Energy recommends setting thermostats to 78 in summer and 68 degrees in winter for optimal energy efficiency. If you live in a warm, humid climate, do not set your thermostat higher than 80 degrees. Your air conditioner will need to run every now and then to help dehumidify the air and prevent mold problems.
  1. Install Weather-Stripping: You can lower your heating and cooling costs by 15 percent by installing weather-stripping around your doors and operable windows. Measure the perimeter of your windows and doors to determine exactly how much you should buy.
  1. Clearing Gutters: It’s important to clear gutters of leaves, pests and ice dams at least twice a year. If you neglect this important responsibility, you could end up with roof leaks, rotted wood, insect infestations and even foundational problems due to improper drainage.
  1. Dripping Faucets: You can fix a leaky faucet with a few simple steps. Start by turning off the water to the sink and stop up the drain to keep from losing small, essential parts. Dismantle the faucet and add a new rubber washer to seal a compression faucet. If you have a drippy washerless faucet, you may need a new O-ring.
  1. Change your Filters: Maximize furnace efficiency by changing your furnace filter every 60 days. Make sure to choose the right filter for your model. You should also turn off your furnace before removing the service panel. Since every furnace is different, be sure to consult your owner’s manual.

Now that your home is maintained, you should also consider protecting your home and its other systems and appliances with an affordable Home Warranty Service Agreement. Visit 2-10.com to find out how a Service Agreement can protect your plumbing systems, and so much more.

Written by Rebecca Ward: Original Article- http://www.2-10.com/blog/7-things-every-homeowner-know/

Buy vs Rent: Which Option Works Best For You?

Categories: Atlanta, Nashville, Raleigh | Posted: January 5, 2017

Happy New Year! As we move into the year, now is the perfect time to think about buying a home. If you are not sure whether to buy or rent, consider the information below which shows the amount of rent you might pay over the course of 30 years and the economic disadvantages it has when compared to buying.

RENT    5 YEARS    10 YEARS    15 YEARS    20 YEARS    25 YEARS    30 YEARS
$1,000.00    $60,000.00    $120,000.00    $180,000.00    $240,000.00    $300,000.00    $360,000.00
$1,200.00    $72,000.00    $144,000.00    $216,000.00    $288,000.00    $360,000.00    $432,000.00
$1,400.00    $84,000.00    $168,000.00    $252,000.00    $336,000.00    $420,000.00    $504,000.00
$1,600.00    $96,000.00    $192,000.00    $288,000.00    $384,000.00    $480,000.00    $576,000.00
$1,800.00    $108,000.00    $216,000.00    $324,000.00    $432,000.00    $540,000.00    $648,000.00
$2,000.00    $120,000.00    $240,000.00    $360,000.00    $480,000.00    $600,000.00    $720,000.00
$2,200.00    $132,000.00    $264,000.00    $396,000.00    $528,000.00    $660,000.00    $792,000.00
$2,400.00    $144,000.00    $288,000.00    $432,000.00    $576,000.00    $720,000.00    $864,000.00
$2,600.00    $156,000.00    $312,000.00    $468,000.00    $624,000.00    $780,000.00    $936,000.00
$2,800.00    $168,000.00    $336,000.00    $504,000.00    $672,000.00    $840,000.00    $1,008,000.00
$3,000.00    $180,000.00    $360,000.00    $540,000.00    $720,000.00    $900,000.00    $1,080,000.00

o    No interest payment deductions
o    Rental amount may increase at any time
o    Landlord approval needed for any changes
o    No capitalization; your money disappears forever
o    Rental is temporary and is often subject to 30 days’ notice

o    Excellent deductions for your mortgage interest paid*
o    Mortgage payments could be fixed
o    Decorate and make changes, without prior approval
o    The value of your property will probably increase in time
o    Your house will become a home, not a temporary living situation; you are not at the mercy of a landlord

Equal Housing and Licensed Mortgage Lender NMLS#152859, Haynes NMLS# #209636, State Lic #GA 32048. Office 1805 Old Alabama Road, Suite 315 Roswell, GA 30076, Georgia Residential Mortgage Licensee #33248. *Please consult a tax advisor for information related to specific tax benefits or consequences.

Mortgage Checklist- Do You Have All You Need To Qualify?

Categories: Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville, Raleigh | Posted: December 12, 2016

As we all know to obtain a mortgage, there is certain documentation needed for loan approval. The documentation required supports the information provided on the application. The more thorough and detailed the application is and having the appropriate documentation upfront will make the approval process more enjoyable and smoother as you lead up to your special day, closing on your new home.

A good time to start gathering your documentation is after you have been pre-qualified with your loan officer. In an effort to help you organize your personal documents to obtain a home loan, the following information is typically required during the loan process:

• Current Pay Stubs (Most recent 30 Days worth of paystubs)
• Tax Returns For The Past Two Years – Including All Schedules With Any Associated W-2s, K-1s, Or 1099s
• Bank Statements For The Past Two Months – All Pages
• Investment Account Statements For The Past Two Months – All Numbered Pages
• Retirement Account Statements For The Past Two Months – All Numbered Pages
• Copy of Driver’s License For All Loan Applicants
• Credit Card Information For Appraisal Order
• Divorce Decree and Marital Settlement Agreement (If Applicable)

If you are self-employed:
• Personal Tax Returns For The Past Two Years – Including All Schedules With Any Associated W-2s, K-1s, Or 1099s
• Business Tax Returns For The Past Two Years – Including All Schedules
• Copy of Business License

If you currently own Real Estate:
• Copy Of Most Recent Mortgage Account Statement For All Properties Owned.
• Home Insurance Policy Information
• Home Equity Account Information (If Applicable)
• Copy of Property Tax Bill For the Most Recent Year

Equal Housing and Licensed Mortgage Lender NMLS#152859, Haynes NMLS# #209636, State Lic#GA 32048. Office 1805 Old Alabama Road, Suite 315 Roswell, GA 30076, Georgia Residential Mortgage Licensee #33248

Toys for Tots and Paran Homes

Categories: Atlanta | Posted: December 5, 2016

Christmas is right around the corner, and Paran Homes are teaming up with Toys for Tots to make this holiday season one to remember for the less fortunate children in our communities.

Toys for Tots is a holiday program facilitated by the United States Marine Corps Reserve. Their mission aims to provide a message of hope for children who would otherwise not have a Christmas to celebrate. By encouraging community members across the nation to add a few items to their shopping lists, Toys for Tots can collect Christmas presents for youth who would typically go without.

Now through December 12th, Paran Homes will be collecting new, unopened gift donations at all of our Georgia communities! With locations all over the Metro-Atlanta area, there is sure to be a Paran Homes community near you to make dropping off your donation easy.

What to Purchase

While Toys for Tots does not provide a suggested donation list, they encourage you to consider what might be an appropriate gift for your own child/relative and purchase that gift accordingly. Keep in mind that most Toys for Tots campaigns are geared for children up to the age of 12, but some local collections have age extensions of up to 14 to 16 years old.

Where to Drop Off Your Donations


Stop by any of our locations before December 12th, or our corporate office before December 15th to drop off your gifts!

Donate Online


Though we encourage you to donate toys for our local youth at one of our Atlanta Paran Homes locations, you can also donate to Toys for Tots online. Use this link to make a monetary contribution to this great cause before the holiday season comes to an end!


Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

Categories: Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville, Raleigh | Posted: November 18, 2016

Buying your first home can be intimidating. With so many factors playing into the process, it can be daunting to know how to approach it. Buying your first home should be exciting, and it can be if you know how to break it down.


When considering the purchase of your first home, it’s important to plan thoughtfully for the best location, size of your home, monthly mortgage budget, and your future plans. If you can begin to lay out each of these individually, closing on your home will become much more realistic and foreseeable. To help you in the home buying journey, we’ve prepared what we believe are the 5 most important questions to answer before making the leap into home ownership.


What kind of home best suits your needs?

When it comes to houses, there is no such thing as “one size fits all”. Considering the size and needs of your family is very important. How many bedrooms are in the house? When do you need to move in? Are there schools nearby? Make sure to make a checklist of your needs, and look at homes that meet those needs.


What features are important for your ideal home to include?

While your needs come first, it is important to also understand your wants before you begin house hunting. If you lay out features and amenities that are important and affordable for you ahead of time, then it will be easier to navigate the homebuying process without getting roped into homes that you can’t afford with benefits you don’t need.


How much mortgage do you qualify for?

You can save yourself a lot of headache if you find out how much a lender is willing to loan you before you begin shopping for houses. If you find your perfect home at $300K, but you only get approved for a $200K loan, you are wasting your time and energy, only to leave yourself frustrated and likely unsatisfied with the homes available within your budget..


How much house can you afford?

Just because you get approved for a loan doesn’t necessarily mean you can afford to purchase a home at that value. It is important to determine a monthly budget that is affordable, and then do the research to factor in all your monthly costs. What is the rate of your mortgage? How high are property taxes? Are there homeowner’s association fees? These are just a few examples, and do not include the various other insurance costs, increased monthly utility bills, and taxes associated with homeownership.


What mortgage works best for you?

Financing your home is very important and should not be overlooked. The ticket price on a home is ultimately not what you will end up paying for it, as mortgage interests rates have a heavy influence on the final cost of a home. It is important to shop around and see what the best financing options are for you to have the lowest monthly and final costs. Interested in additional mortgage information for your location? Speak with one of our affiliates today to learn more.


It is important to understand the reality of the market and the home buying process. The more realistic and prepared you are, the easier you will find the home buying process to be. Take these steps and you’ll find that getting handed over your first set of keys isn’t as intimidating as it once looked!

HomeAid Atlanta and Paran Homes Partner at Phoenix Pass

Categories: Atlanta | Posted: November 7, 2016
On November 4, Paran Homes joined HomeAid Atlanta at Phoenix Pass

for a HomeAid Care Day. Care Days are HomeAid’s day-long volunteer powered events to make
improvements and upgrades at facilities serving Atlanta’s homeless
Paran Homes volunteers worked hard to complete the day’s tasks which included painting two sets of two-story stair units’
metal railings, rebuilding and staining four picnic tables, cleaning and readying an apartment for a new family, and finishing punch list
items on HomeAid’s recently completed eight-unit apartment building.

Jean Yontz, Phoenix Pass Executive Director stated, “Our residents were once again blessed as their picnic shelter
received a complete revitalization with four beautiful, custom built picnic tables, in addition to other much-needed
projects. The picnic table area is used daily for gatherings, quiet moments of meditation, and socialization. Thank you
HomeAid Atlanta and Paran Homes for pouring your gifts of time and talents into the lives of our residents.”
This was the second Care Day partnership this year for HomeAid and Paran Homes. The groups partnered together in
May for a Care Day at Shepherd’s Rest Ministries in Dallas, GA. Paran Homes is a devoted HomeAid Atlanta supporter.
HomeAid is thankful for this partnership and Paran Homes’ continued involvement.
HomeAid has partnered with Phoenix Pass since 2009, constructing two eight-unit buildings and a community center adding 96 beds to Rockdale County to serve homeless single mothers and their children. The second apartment building
was completed and dedicated this summer.
HomeAid Atlanta, founded in 2001, is a nonprofit organization that builds new lives for homeless families
and individuals through housing and community outreach. HomeAid works in partnership with the Greater
Atlanta Home Builders Association, as well as community building industry organizations, to assist people
experiencing temporary homelessness. To date, HomeAid Atlanta has completed over 60 housing, remodel
and care day projects at locations that serve victims of domestic violence, teen mothers, abused and
abandoned children, and more. Learn more at www.homeaidatlanta.org.
Phoenix Pass, founded in 2008, is a nonprofit organization that changes lives one family at a time by serving the needs
of women and their children experiencing temporary homelessness. These families are given an opportunity to
re-establish self-sufficiency in a residential setting. The program at Phoenix Pass provides participants with supportive
services and the resources to recover and rebuild a productive, stable lifestyle for themselves and their families. Learn
more at www.phoenixpass.org.

Wheatfields Reserve | Atlanta’s Best New Homes

Categories: Atlanta, Incentives | Posted: November 7, 2016

Did you have a chance to see Wheatfields Reserve on Atlanta’s Best New Homes over the weekend? Check out the video here and let us know what you think of our Grayson, Georgia community! Now Selling with homes that are move-in ready and can close before the holiday’s! Our move-in ready homes have special agent and buyer incentives! Wheatfields Reserve’s has a new phase that is starting construction soon. Reach out to Shaun today and be a member of this great community.



Lakes at Franklin Goldmine- Atlanta’s Best New Homes

Categories: Atlanta | Posted: November 2, 2016

Do you think Paran Homes community Lakes at Franklin Goldmine ranks among Atlanta’s Best New Homes? Check out the video here and let us know what you think of our Cumming, Georgia community! Now Selling New Phase with special agent incentives. Reach out to Greg today.

Nine Credit Score Myths

Categories: Atlanta | Posted: October 31, 2016


Nine Credit Score Myths… Do More Than Good.

When purchasing a home with Paran Homes, we all know how important our credit rating is when obtaining a mortgage. Your credit score has a direct impact on interest rate, payment, and in some cases whether you can qualify for a mortgage. There are many myths about how to maintain credit and some of these myths can cause more harm than good. Below are nine credit score myths that can impact to your credit score as oppose to helping your credit score.

1. Closing out old, active accounts will help your score:
Your credit score is partially based on our length of credit history and your utilization rate. By closing old accounts, you can make your credit history appear shorter and as a result actually decrease your score. It can also reduce the total amount of available credit, which can also affect your score.

2. Opening (but not using accounts) will help your score:
Your credit score is affected by how well you manage the credit you do have over a period of time, not by how many credit cards you have with available balances.

3. You should avoid using your credit cards at all:
If you’re not using your credit, you’re not building credit history. Use your credit cards from time to time and promptly pay off the balance.

4. Dispute letters can clean up your bad credit:
Dispute letters may force the removal of negative items temporarily, but once the lender can prove the records accuracy, it will reappear on your credit.

5. Paying off old debts and judgments will help your score:
Don’t expect a “negative” to disappear by paying it off. Negative records remain on your credit for 7 to 10 years, regardless of any remedies you made.

6. Credit inquiries hurt your score:
Inquires alone do not make a big enough change in your credit score to make a difference when it comes to lenders.

7. Using a credit counseling service lowers your score:
Credit counseling services no longer figure into the FICO scoring system. So although your report might indicate you are receiving credit counseling, using those services won’t lower your score.

8. There’s a set formula for obtaining great credit:
Credit is a very individual thing. Credit scores look at everything and take it all into account.

9. You can get a perfect score:
Getting a perfect score of 850 is nearly impossible. Your credit score is a reflection of your credit risk and regardless of your credit history. There is always a risk.

As one of Paran Homes preferred lenders, we thank Kevin Haynes of FBC Mortage for the article on how we can all improve our score when preparing for your new home. For more information or if you have questions, email khaynes@fbchomeloans.com.