Customer Care Representative


To provide care and assistance to Homeowners after closing.  The Customer Care Representative reports to the Warranty and Service Manager and compiles and tracks data for management and follow-up in the warranty portion for the department.  This is an Office Position.

Customer Care Representative Responsibilities

  1. Receives all initial calls and written submittals of warranty claims by the Property Owner.
  2. Maintains records of phone calls, emails and attachments and enters those records in claim management software.
  3. Offers instruction and advice to possibly resolve claims over the phone or via email.  If the claim requires an appointment for further assessment and/or repair, the Customer Care Representative will schedule the appointment for service or assessment by the Superintendent or Warranty Field Technician.
  4. Creates and Issues Service Orders to vendors in order to authorize service to be performed.
  5. Maintains copies of hard and electronic documents throughout the warranty period for each home.
  6. Has a working knowledge of the warranty process and guidelines for each community.
  7. Provides information for reports throughout the Month/Quarter/Year.  
  8. Has working knowledge of and responsible for all hard file and software records and must attend any necessary training.



  1. General Construction knowledge is a plus
  2. Organizational Skills
  3. Professional Phone Etiquette
  4. Experience and comfort with operating in Computer Software and Systems

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