Holiday Games That Will Make Your New Home Even HAPPIER

Moving into a new home is an exciting time. Moving into a new home right before the holidays take it to an entirely new level. Whether celebrating your first Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa, Christmas or Hanukkah in your new home, it’s always fun to welcome friends, neighbors and family to join in a seasonally themed inauguration of your house. Needless to say, food and music will likely play major roles – possibly even a favorite holiday film or two, but if you really want to fill the rooms and hallways of your home with laughter, you might want to incorporate a few fun holiday games. Best of all, Paran Homes has trolled the internet in search of the best holiday party games so you don’t have to!

Gratitude Game

This great Thanksgiving Day suggestion comes from Country Living Magazine. It involves multi-colored pick up sticks and a color-coded instruction sheet to match. With five suggested Gratitude themes, you can place a corresponding color next to each command. For instance, Brown for “Name a Person You are Thankful For”, Orange for “Name a Place You are Thankful For”, Green for “Name a Food You are Thankful For”, Blue for “Name a Thing You are Thankful For” and Purple for “Name Anything of Your Choice.”

To play, hold all the colored sticks in your hand and drop them so they fall randomly. Everyone gathers around the sticks and takes turns trying to pull sticks from the pile without making the other sticks move. As they successfully pull a stick, they must follow the command on the instruction sheet you created. The person next to them repeats the cycle. If one of the other sticks moves, they lose their turn. At the end of the game, the person with the most sticks wins!

Please Pass the Corn

For this Thanksgiving-themed game from, you’ll need candy corn, popsicle sticks, several pie tins/shallow bowls and a table or kitchen island. Played in pairs, this game requires both players to place popsicle sticks in their mouths. On one end of the table is one contestant and a bowl full of candy corn, on the other is another contestant and an empty bowl. The goal is to empty one bowl into the other using only the popsicle sticks.

The first player can use their hands to place a candy corn on the stick in their mouth, they must then meet the other team member in the middle to transfer the corn from their stick to the others, without dropping it. The other team member must then drop the corn in the empty bowl, and this continues until the bowl full of candy corn is empty. As you become more skilled at the transfer, you can add more than one candy corn to your stick. The team that finishes first – with the fullest bowl – WINS (in other words, you don’t get rewarded for DROPPING your candy corn on the floor).

Santa Limbo

This Christmas party game suggestion comes from Shutterfly and involves a group of three or more guests, a limbo stick and a collection of throw pillows. Have participants put a “Santa belly” under their shirt using one of the pillows. Have two guests hold the limbo stick at a starting height, and then everyone can try to limbo underneath with their Santa bellies in place. Once everyone has tried, lower the stick slightly and have those who made it through go again. Continually lower the stick until one winner remains! For added fun, have everyone don Santa hats, play Christmas music and take lots of photos!

Stocking Guessing Game

Another great Christmas-themed suggestion from Shutterfly, this game comes complete with PRIZES! Stuff a stocking with fun little gifts you pick up that would have broad appeal for kids to grown-ups and boys to girls. Put a notepad in front of four or more participants, tie of the top of the stocking so no one can see inside and then pass it around so everyone can have a chance to feel the objects inside. They can then write down their ideas (but don’t let anyone peek) and pass it on to the next person. Once everyone has filled out their guesses, open the stocking to reveal what’s inside. The person with the most correct guesses wins the contents of the stocking.

Ornament on a Spoon

A fun Christmas game for larger gatherings, it’s the same concept as Egg on a Spoon – with a seasonal twist. According to Shutterfly, you break your group of 8 or more players up into teams for a relay course – with or without obstacles. With an ornament on their spoon, the first person will go through the course and return to pass it on. Players can only use their spoons and NOT their hands when passing the ornament. If someone drops their ornament, that person needs to return to the beginning and repeat the course again. Once the ornament is successfully passed off, it’s the next person’s turn and so on until everyone has completed the course. The first team to complete the course WINS!

Dreidel Scattergories

This Hanukkah-themed take on the popular Milton Bradley game of Scattergories comes from SignupGenius. You’ll need a timer and a list of categories – like food, animals, movie stars, colors, careers, clothing, TV shows, flowers, countries, etc. – written onto pieces of paper or index cards that are facedown. All the players will need a pad of paper and a writing utensil. And – of course – you’ll need a dreidel.

Flip a card to reveal the category and then spin the dreidel and whatever letter it lands on – N,G, H or S – your players will have two minutes (set your timer) to write down as many things that come to mind that start with the letter facing up. For example, if the category is food and the letter is N, they might write down nachos, nuts, noodles, etc. When the two minutes are up, each person counts the number of fitting answers and tallies their score. Repeat all the above until all the categories have been fulfilled. The person with the largest score wins.

Two Truths and a Fib

This game can be used for both Hanukkah and Christmas celebrations, but for Festival of Light-specific parties, test your party guests’ knowledge of the historical story of Hanukkah. Have everyone write down two true facts and one fib about Hanukkah – the real fun comes from telling the fib with such detail that it seems like the truth. Go around the circle and have each person tell their two truths and a fib. The other contestants should score which one they think is the fib on a piece of paper, then move on to the next person in the circle. Anyone who gets away with their fib without anyone catching on wins! To customize this game for Christmas, simply make it about the Christmas story. This idea also came from SignupGenius.

At Paran Homes, no matter the time of year, we hope you find many years of happiness in your new home. Best wishes to you and yours for a Happy Holiday Season!

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