Sustainable, Seasonal, Locally Sourced Farm to Table Veggies Year-Round

As we go into the colder seasons, the farmers markets are closing up shop and packing away for winter hibernation. What will your Italian soups be without the flavor-enhancing qualities of farm-fresh herbs and zucchini? How will your harvest bowls go on without a butternut squash brought to you farm-to-table? As hard as it may be to eat fresh veggies without the accessibility of the farmers market – don’t fret too much. There is a really excellent solution to this troubling predicament.

Why Eat Farm Fresh Produce?

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There are so many benefits to eating farm fresh produce. For starters, fresh produce grown in season just tastes better. One of the most common chef recommendations for how to have better-tasting food is to pick out your own produce from a farmers market. But there is also an added nutritional benefit of farm-to-table. Some (but not all) local non-commercialized farmers use chemicals that are less harsh on produce that do not strip the crop of its nutritional properties. Plus, by buying locally, you’re helping support your community’s agriculture and business.

Never Fear – Farm to Table is Here!

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So you’re probably asking, “if the farmers markets are closed, where am I supposed to get all these farm-fresh vegetables?” We’re glad you asked – we have the solution. We suggest getting a box from a Georgia-based CSA like Fresh Harvest! Fresh Harvest is a customizable, locally-grown community supported agriculture (CSA) delivery service that connects you with farmers in your area. And it doesn’t just stop at fruit and veggies; you can also add meat, milk, eggs, baked goods, and more. You’ll have a variety of seasonal and sustainable options to choose from, and Fresh Harvest will deliver them right to your door.

Being Busy No Longer Has to Get in The Way

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We’ve all been there – you have every intention of making it to the farmers market this weekend, your reusable bags are waiting expectantly to be brimming with veggies, your Birkenstocks sit longingly by the door…but Saturday morning comes around, and you remember you made brunch plans (and who can resist the siren call of Saturday morning mimosas?) Balancing work, family, friends, drinking enough water, weekly yoga, making overnight oats, and grocery shopping – it’s a lot to juggle. Your life is busy, and you’re doing important things, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice what’s important to you. With convenient monthly deliveries, you get all the benefits of going to the farmers market without the Saturday morning rush.